May Movie Madness: Finale

There are no words that could adequately introduce this, the final round. We’re just going to have to grind this out. The Princess Bride vs. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1. The Force vs. True Love True love is the greatest thing in the world (except for a nice MLT), but the […]

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May Movie Madness: Round 3

Warrior vs. The Empire Strikes Back Despite what you just read, this isn’t about Warrior vs. The Empire Strikes Back. This is about Harrison Ford vs. Tom Hardy. Of course, that doesn’t make things any easier. Tom Hardy is the antithesis of Harrison Ford. “Antithesis” is a literary device achieved when opposites are contrasted using parallel structure. It’s also […]

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May Movie Madness: Tell me a story

Cult classics died with the 20th century. I mean real cult classics. Not like some people think Nacho Libre is funny. I’m talking like Laberynth or NeverEnding Story, the kind of bizarre anomalies that have no business in a critical discussion but will ever be our favorites. It’s not that movies like these aren’t made anymore (or attempted at least, get […]

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May Movie Madness: Round 2

  The Dark Knight vs. Warrior As I said in round 1, both The Dark Knight and Warrior tend to get me, for lack of a better phrase, freaking pumped every time I watch them. Both stories are as compelling the fifth time as they are the fiftieth (that may or may not be an accurate figure). However, Warrior wins this […]

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May Movie Madness: the Future of Cinema -aka- Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

When is the last time Hollywood came out with something successful and original? Don’t answer, just think about it. What is the last movie you can think of that was popular/critically acclaimed, and that wasn’t based on something else– not a book, not somebody’s life, not another movie? I’ll tell you the last time that happened. It […]

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May Movie Madness: Battle Royale

No lights, no crowd, no arena. This isn’t about acclamation or award; it’s just about finishing on top. This isn’t about who would save the world; it’s about who would survive when it ends. This isn’t about who is the richest or best looking or most charming; it’s about who is the toughest, deadliest, bada**est mother […]

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