Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I have trouble remembering When life was asย simple as toys under a tree. One Christmas I got an action figure (Data, from Star Trek; he was my favorite) I kind ofย rememberย that Christmas, but it’s more like I remember the video my parents took And we all watched years later. I don’t think remembering […]

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Christmas rules Thanksgiving drools

There is no way– NO WAY– in which Thanksgiving is better than Christmas. Like, maybe you don’t like it for some personalย reason, but speaking purely objectively, logically, and scientifically CHRISTMAS IS EIGHT BAJILLION TIMES BETTER. Here are 1. IT’S MOTHERLOVING CHRISTMAS. Thanksgiving: paper turkeys in various brown-matching colors. Maybe a cornucopia. And, like, four songs? […]

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Why I want to be Scrooge this year

Christmas is just my favorite. I love all of it– from religion to commercialism and everything in between. And under the “in between” category is one of my favorite yuletide traditions, in which I watch every Christmas movie and TV special I can get my winter-candy-apple-scented hands on (Bath and Body Works, folks, $3.25).ย Usually–ย by which […]

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