For Hire

This is the page where I shamelessly sell myself.

  1. If you’d like me to write something quickly for you (a poem, a short story, a quick blog post, a terribly clever whatever else) for five bucks, you can make a deal on my Fiverr profile.
  2. If you’d like me to guest-write a blog post, contact me at where we can make a deal. I’m still in the “building portfolio” phase so I promise it’ll be cheap. Here’s a post I wrote for Miss Wooable in Australia.
  3. If you think I can write, you ought to see me in front of people. I’m available for hire as a speaker, whether you want motivational or informational or just entertainmental. Again, contact me at
  4. If there’s some other thing you think I can do for you (international espionage perhaps), let’s talk.

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