To Bryce and Amber, all the best

I admit, I lack acquaintance With matters of the heart. But to what I know, I’ll raise my glass: Here’s to your story’s start. And while we’ve had our share of times, I think you both will find The days ahead are better Than those you’ve left behind. We can’t forget the sacred past; How did we come so far? For […]

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I have trouble remembering When life was as simple as toys under a tree. One Christmas I got an action figure (Data, from Star Trek; he was my favorite) I kind of remember that Christmas, but it’s more like I remember the video my parents took And we all watched years later. I don’t think remembering […]

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In a church on a sunday (neither matters to the story) I in silence watched a man In 6/8 time waving his hand. His care to mark each beat sung Betrayed pride in his rhythmless motion. He held the last note of each line, Vainly pulling from downturned eyes. Later, in conversation with those who […]

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