He’s sitting up a few rows from me, facing the opposite direction, so I can only see him at an angle, over his left shoulder. He’s wearing a flat brimmed, brand-name baseball cap, turned slightly to one side. The panels, crown, and bowl of the cap are molded to his head shape, and worn from […]

Not About Love, Ch 4: This

Wow, that all sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it? It’s not like that, really–I’ve been in relationships. I’ve been head-over-heels crazy for girls before. But I think of the kind of love I want to feel with someone, the kind that gets you home at night and up in the morning, the kind that wants to […]


A mother, of three at least. I only see the three. All boys, they run around the small area between seats and all talk at once. Their love and respect for her is as clear as their propensity to not listen well, both shown in their attention given to her just as they disregard her […]


Nothing about him strikes the imagination, which is why I force myself to look. His blue, collared long-sleeve is tucked into khaki pants. The shirt fits well, but is not tailored, and I assume the pants are straight-fit. He wears glasses, as a constant fixture I would guess, from the the thin wire rims inconspicuously […]


Her makeup and her hair don’t match. The hair is thin, and graying through the artificial coloring. Her hairline is receding, from age and stress, from the cumulative days she’s spent scraping it back, ripping the follicles from the scalp one by one. Today she’s pressed it back with a band, opening the curtains on […]

Not About Love, Ch 2: What if

I admit it’s a test, but let me defend myself. Actions don’t speak louder than words because actions don’t speak. They must be watched, carefully, and far before that happens people usually have heard what they want to hear. _ “Not a mistake.” I see her frame trembling, clenched hands and tense brow, but her […]

Not About Love, Ch 1: New Year

I don’t like talking about myself. If I tell people who I am, I am far more likely to be misunderstood than if I just show them. _ She could have told me yesterday. She should have told me three weeks ago, or on any one of the chilled January walks, warmed by good conversation […]