Never underestimate the power of simple things: warm socks, cloudy skies and the fact that Sunday comes every week.

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I, Clark Regalius Tiberius Awesomus Ellis, on this day the Twenty-First of January in the Two-Thousand and Sixteenth year of our Lord, do hereby resolve to the following:   1.Β Get paid to write.Β I shall, within this year’s time, surpass my current station asΒ merely a writer of words to achieve yon lofty status of professional author. […]

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So I got nominated for this thing by this lady. She’s nice. Get to know her. ByClarkEllis: a brief history One day I was all, “You know, I’veΒ got a lot of good ideas.” Then I started a blog. Words to the wise Anybody who’s been following me knows that I’m still honing in my style […]

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by way of reintroduction

This is a reinvention. Well, actually this is a very short post to tell you about myΒ reinvention. See, while “errant thoughts” have been great to start up, I need to find my niche. I’ve said before,Β I love people and I love helping people. Correct me if I’m wrong but my best workΒ so far has been […]

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