Just another thought.. about the new year

As you think about what you want to do in 2017, just remember that the year is fake. By which I mean days, weeks, months, Β even the 12-hour clock complete with minutes and seconds are all completely made-up. I know this is a bit reductionist of some very significant historical mathematical processes, but when it comes down to the principle of the whole thing, it’s all more-or-less arbitrary. Armed with this knowledge, you have two options: (1)Β come to terms with the inevitability that it’s all a lie and your insignificant contribution to this world will be forgotten with your name within 20 years of your death, or (2) realize that this moment is conceptually no different from any other moment; this second, this day, this month, this year is as fine as any other to start becoming what you want to be. Whether it’s January 1st or 8th or October 27thΒ doesn’t matter in the slightest: there is no “starting line”, no magical date at which point you’ll suddenly have the power to do all the right things going forward. No permanent change is immediate, and no one time is more right than another to start the process. The moment youΒ want to point yourself in the right direction and make the next step toward your goal, do it.

Or don’t. Your choice. Here’s Calvin and Hobbes.



What do you think?

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