Dear us,

“Let it go” is not a good answer. This one’s personal. Maybe not to me directly, butΒ I just talked to a friend who was in tears, and not the pitiful “I didn’t win” kind. See, she’s a black woman with a Muslim family and a bisexual sister. And she was afraid. And angry. Afraid because her sister wears a hijab to school and she doesn’t know if she’ll be safe. Angry because her country just told her she doesn’t matter. This is personal to her, which makes it personal to me. We will not be letting it go.

We (more collective now) shouldn’t be melodramatic either, though. Regrets, denial, idle wishes for his impeachment or inappropriate demise do nobody any good. Further division– blaming, vilifying, personal offense, and sweeping judgments of character and morality– is not only useless but destructive to the very ideals which have made us feel so heartbroken in the first place.

Your family or friends who voted for Donald Trump are not (necessarily) bigots, nor are they simply uneducated nor any other hateful thing, whether or not we see such in the man himself. They made a decision of conscience just as we did, and as tempting as it would be now to sit back in spite and say, “well now you have to live with your decision”, that’s just not who we are. No, if we are who we profess to be– the compassionate, theΒ inclusive, the forward thinking– then we must be the ones to plant firmly andΒ stand for our cause while at the very same time reaching out a hand of friendship and empathy, even to those who would condemn us. This is no time for self-righteousness. This is no time to turn a proud nose upΒ and give the problems of this nation away to be handled by anyone but ourselves. Do not by omission allow the very evil you’ve just accused the countryΒ of committing. What I’m trying to say is, to anyone who is not ok with what just happened: let’s get to work.

Clark Ellis

5 thoughts on “Dear us,

  1. Normally I would agree but when the vote is to take away something very personal like marriage and legal protections it will be a fight. It is quite easy to disagree on politics that do not directly involve us.

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