Politics From Dummies

This is a series calledΒ Politics From Dummies. I say “From” for two reasons: (1) I’m not gonna win that lawsuit,Β and (2) y’all aren’t the dummies–Β the bi-partisan punks feeding y’all hollow rhetoric and calling it facts are. That said, just like the “For Dummies” series, I do want to take heated, complex issues and make them as simple as possible. So let’s start with my stake in this whole thing.

I call myself a Republican. That said, I think most Republicans would call me a RINO– a Republican In Name Only. That said,Β Anyone who’s ever talked with me for more than 3 minutes would probably just call me a skeptic. Whether or not that’s true,Β if someone tries to shove something in my face and call it indisputable, imma probly dispute it.

ToΒ at least partially redeem myself from such a crummy attitude, I’ll say that IΒ won’t simply disagree for disagreement’s sake; I fully believe the truth of any situation is available to anyone willing to do the research and form the better argument, and on my better days IΒ like to be that guy. More or lessΒ (but hopefully more), that’s what I’m offering here: flushed out, well researched and evidenced-based perspectives on current political issues. This is…


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