Eternal Truths Concerning Life, Love, Liberty and oh screw it (part four)

Life Lessons Learned as a 23 year old:

The best nights are made of cheap food, crappy movies, pointless games and the greatest people.

Or, you know, just your friends

Chuck Taylors will never go out of style. Fact.

giphy (1).gif

I have yet to figure out how to never let anyone down, never lie, andΒ never break a promise. Best I can figure is to try not to do all three in one week.

giphy (3)
I should get dread locks

Not even the adults you grew up with knew how to be adults.

giphy (2).gif
I’m telling you, those shoes will never not be awesome

You get out of shape faster than you get in shape and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.


The trouble with getting things right is that until you do you won’t.

giphy (4)
My actual reaction to most of life

There are enough distractions to take up your whole day, every day, probably forever. Not one of them compares to real life.

giphy (5)
If that’s a Nokia he’s fighting a losing battle

Today’s final truth: More than once, you will meet someone with whom you could and would happily spend the rest of your life, were it not for current timing and circumstances. And that really really sucks.

giphy (6)
No, I didn’t meet Taylor Swift. Yet.

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