Not About Love: A brief introduction

I’m going to try something new here and I think it needs just a quick introduction. I’ve said before that all I really want to do with this blog is help people. If the things I write can help even one person see life in a new and better way then maybe the money I spent for a domain name will be worth it. For that reason I have always been very careful about my writing, making sure it’s all well-researched and well-reasoned with logical flow and either informative or humorous (hopefully a bit of both) content. The other night, however, as I was walking home,  the thought occurred to me that maybe some of the greatest help I could render would be to simply give voice to what I have to assume many of you are feeling. And maybe the best way to be that voice would be to just be my voice. This of course is all a complicated way to say I’m going to actually be using this blog as a blog, writing down my experiences and problems and associated feelings for your entertainment. Really, the only reason I feel an introduction is necessary is because from here forward I can’t guarantee what you’ll read. It might be good or bad, right or wrong, fact or fiction but whatever it is it will be the most honest writing I may ever do. And, hopefully, in my honesty you might find something for yourself, too. Oh also it’s me so I’m totally writing this like how it plays out in the TV show of my mind. So, without further ado (I’ve always wanted to say that), here’s Not About Love…

Because every good TV show needs an opening sequence

What do you think?

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