Just a thought… about dating

Before February hits inย full force (and after the cynicism of my last post) I thought I’d offer some honest dating advice: If you’re ever going to love and be loved you need to be able to let people do things for you. Without any thought to “owing one” or “returning the favor” you need to be able to accept help and take compliments and evenย receiveย gifts. Thing is, dating isn’t about reciprocity. Love doesn’t have a price tag and relationships don’t have an exchange rate. You allowย people to unconditionally love you, and you will be able to unconditionally love them back.

4 thoughts on “Just a thought… about dating

  1. Thanks for this post! Very well said indeed. Unfortunately, this time of year (as are the holidays) are always tough for me, given that I am over 30 and perpetually single. I probably could have wrote the screenplay for (the upcoming) “How to Be Single” because everything I do apparently keeps me single. LOL. I’d like to think I know how to maintain a healthy relationship, but I kinda need someone with whom to show it. Haha.

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  2. Simple and wise words. It’s tough for someone to allow another to simply give and for that someone to just take without thinking that they should give that another person something back in return for what they have done. That’s one of the few problems with relationships these days, it’s all about giving back what is given rather than accepting that someone can love unconditionally without wanting anything back, without the other feeling guilty to give back.

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