Just a thought… about race

Yesterday I sat and listened as my friends had their usual conversation about how justified they are in their favorite prejudices. As they talked out their butts, I took a moment and tried to imagine a world where the only functioning label was human being. Don’t worry, it wasn’t some “I [white middle class male] have a dream” moment; pretty much the opposite, actually. With chagrin I concluded that people will always use the convenience of stereotype because it’s easier than actually being extraordinary. Also, though, andΒ with no small amount of shame, IΒ decided I couldn’t ever give up the manufactured comfort in claiming superiority. But maybe progressΒ isn’t about waiting for a day to come where human nature will for some reason not be completely selfish. I do believe that children more or less learn from the mistakes of their parents: if we can’t overcome our own short-sighted selves immediately, maybeΒ we can continually pave the wayΒ for the next generation to make a better world than the one we left them. And maybe that’s enough.


2 thoughts on “Just a thought… about race

  1. I actually, think racism and stereotypes are much worse now than when I was young. Human beings seem to have a need to categorize everything to make it easy to understand. It would be a better world if we accepted natural diversity and looked at people as individuals with their own merit rather than, as representatives of any group. I admit that can be tricky because so many people need so badly to also, define themselves by category. Perhaps change begins in how we think about ourselves. However, I think every generation makes their choices basically, from scratch because most history dies every day. Very little is passed down to the next generation.

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