After all this time

Alan Rickman never changed my life. Of course I loved him in every role, but until this week I would never have counted him as a significant part of my identity. His passing, however, left somewhat of an unexpected void, and as far as I’ve come to understand why that is I’d like to try and express it to you.Β I realized Alan RickmanΒ was one of those unspoken, unrecognized constants in my life. Unbeknownst to me, somewhere in the recesses of my mind was always the thought, “sure, life might be a crap shoot right now, but at least Alan Rickman is still making movies.” Maybe those words never manifested consciously, but I still felt like it was always something I could count on, like he was alwaysΒ someone I could count on. MuchΒ like you never once question the firm comfort with which your bed will inevitably catch you at the end of the day, I never had to worry about Hans Gruber being the perfect villain, and I could always find a disturbed comfort in the tortured mind of Severus Snape. And I suppose the immortality granted by cinema assures those things will live on, but to lose the life of the man behind them is still a brutal reminder of the futility of constancy in the face of our unrelenting mortality. I suppose all there is to do now is appreciate what he left for us, and remember that death itself is insignificant; it is simply punctuation on a sentence already written. And I hope we can all agree Alan Rickman’s sentence is worth reading for a long time to come.

3 thoughts on “After all this time

  1. I was quite surprised at how upset I became when I learned of his passing. It feels like I lost an old friend even though I knew very little about the the man behind the characters he played. It was a given that what ever role he played he was going to give a fantastic performance. But yet, to me there was something very special about this person that I can’t put into words.

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  2. I learned about his passing in school and was surprised by how sad I was. He is such a brilliant actor. He’s the kind of actor who makes you love the character that you’re supposed to hate. It’s hard to believe that he won’t be honoring us with any more truly dreadful characters that we’ll all love to hate….

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