A New Hope

Imagine you’re at a baseball game. The pitcher throws a fastball and the batter cranks it out of the park. In a sudden burst of ambition you decide you want a picture of the ball as it sails over the stands. So of course you throw your camera at the ball so it can grab a perfect snapshot as it passes by at 58,000 km/h. Now imagine all that on an interplanetary scale and you have some idea of what NASA just did.

Nine years, folks
That’s a nine-year-long bullseye, folks

I’ve said before that past generations— the ones that explored new frontiers and revolutionized whatever the heck they felt like— would be disappointed in our lack of perspective. But NASAs successful, nine-year “New Horizons” mission to Pluto is something to make even the moon-walking 60s proud. Really, though, this is something we all ought to be talking about, for three simple reasons:

1. Pluto is and always will be a planet and I don’t care what you say I’m not listening la la la la la.


2. It’s just plain awesome and so are these shirts.

http://store.dftba.com/products/i-love-pluto-shirt wholeheartedly endorse this
http://store.dftba.com/products/i-love-pluto-shirt wholeheartedly endorse this

3. Most importantly, this mission to Pluto is a little piece of positive progression America desperately needed. And I’m not just being redundant because alliterations are awesome. Let me explain.

giphy (54)

There’s probably a better term for it, but I really think there’s such a thing as negative progression. Sometimes instead of creating new and grand ideas we need to change or detract from existing ones in order to make the world a better place. But usually that kind of thing just ends up with everybody angry at everybody else. So while I understand that moving forward in such an adverse way is sometimes necessary, it feels like that’s the only kind of change we’re capable of these days.


That’s why THIS— just a single picture, such a small thing and yet something which once again sets this country apart as the first to brave a new frontier— this is something we can all get behind. Sure, the excitement will probably last a grand total of half-a-day for most people, but that’s not the point. Moments like these keep me hopeful that positive progression, new ideas and truly creative leaps forward can and still exist.

Oh and remember #iheartpluto
Oh and remember #iheartpluto

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