May Movie Madness: The Problem with Pratt

This is a rant. And the disclaimer before the rant thatย Christ Pratt is talented and charming and seems to be an all-around decent fella. Chris, forgive me.

Yes, Chris. This must be done.
Yes, Chris. This must be done.

We have got to stop calling Chris Pratt “sexy”. Thing is, folks, we can’t have it both ways. We have come so far with our treatment of women and minorities and disadvantaged groups and we simply CAN NOT condemn the dehumanization of people andย with the same breathย droolย over Chris Pratt’s new muscles (lookin’ at you, Buzzfeed).

I mean it is impressive. I'm not arguing that.
I mean it is impressive. I’m not arguing that.

Think about it—ย what changed? With Mr. Pratt, I mean. Did he suddenly develop a better personality? Did he suddenly become a better actor? Did he suddenly have better hair? Did his face suddenly get more symmetrical? Of course not. Ok, well he did get a better haircut; but mostly he just lost weight and suddenly was in the running for sexiest man alive.

Yup. No changing that beautiful beautiful face.
Yup. No changing that beautiful beautiful face.

Now, I don’t believe in reverse discrimination (as in I don’t think it really exists, but that’s an argument for another time). I’m not trying toย make victims of rich white American men. There’s a bigger issue here: in spite of all our claims to acceptance and open-mindedness, the fanfare over Chris Prattย bodyย just shows that weย (media, fans, society) still can’t see people as people. We make such anย effort to praise the Amy Schumers and Rebel Wilsons of the celebrity world, but as soon as our guard’s down— as soon as we’re not thinking too hard about it— we goย right back toย treatingย people as more or less attractive bodies.

Seemed only appropriate
Seemed only appropriate

Ok, that’s all. Rant over. Here’s what we can do. We can continue to make positive strides in feminism and anti-discrimination and whatever else that means not being d***s to people. And, yes, we can continue to love Chris Pratt for all that he does; but, we can replace calling him “sexy”, with praise for making healthy choices. And whenever somebody, anybody, makes positive changes to their bodies we can do the same. It’s simple, guys: if you’re in favor of treating people like they are people, just remember that applies to all people.

But really, this guy. Am I right?

2 thoughts on “May Movie Madness: The Problem with Pratt

  1. I respectfully disagree. Our physical aspect is one of many human features. Objectifying is part of what we do–in part. What I object to, however, is the disproportionate objectification of women compared to men, when women are most often measured on their looks whereas men are not as often. For instance women in politics are critiqued on looks disproportionately to men.

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    1. I’ll take the respectful disagreement on your first point. I believe we should be able to appreciate physical aspects without dehumanizing objectification. I definitely agree with your second point though! I just see Pratt’s treatment as yet another symptom of the overall disease which UNDENIABLY discriminates women disproportionately, as you said. Thank you!

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