May Movie Madness: Round 3

  • Warrior vs. The Empire Strikes Back

Despite what you just read, this isn’t about Warrior vs. The Empire Strikes Back. This is about Harrison Ford vs. Tom Hardy. Of course, that doesn’t make things any easier.

That's the smile of a man who could kill you
That’s the smile of a man who could kill you

Tom Hardy is the antithesis of Harrison Ford. “Antithesis” is a literary device achieved when opposites are contrasted using parallel structure. It’s also one of my favorite things to apply outside of the literary world even though I’m told it doesn’t really work that way. But really, Mr. Ford and Mr. Hardy, while both handsome leading men who can kick some serious trash on the big screen, are nearly complete opposites. Ford’s is the story of determination, defying odds, rising above expectations to become an iconic American action hero. Hardy, on the other hand, has a history of nearly limitless talent haunted by addiction and emotional instability leading him through the muck of minor roles to eventually become one of cinema’s most versatile actors alive. Normally, an actor’s backstory wouldn’t make a difference in this competition. In this case, however, their respective backgrounds give each actor a certain mystique, a certain persona— one which carries over to their movies and makes ALL the difference in this competition. And when we’re talking about the movie that I’d be able to watch over and over for the rest of forever, the American hero with proven-to-last iconic power wins the day.

  • Warrior vs. Empire Strikes Back

giphy (42)

  • The Princess Bride vs. Moulin Rouge

This was a match up I didn’t see coming. Love story v love story. The problem is, beyond the whole “love” thing I have no idea how to compare these two. I love Rouge’s music, but I also love Bride’s “timeless story” mojo. I love TPB for its quotable lines and characters, but I also love MR’s haphazard and dreamlike directing style. Frankly I think I’d have an easier time with apples and oranges. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to watch both, then I’m going to wait. After a few days, whichever movie I want to watch again more wins. If you want this to be as suspenseful for you as it is for me, I suggest coming back in a few days.

You did the voice. Admit it.
You did the voice. Admit it.

Yup. The Princess Bride wins.

  • The Princess Bride vs. Moulin Rouge

We’re almost done, folks. Stay tuned for the championship round.

Feel free to chime in if you have any say in the matter
Feel free to chime in if you have any say in the matter

What do you think?

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