Just a thought… about war

Let’s not split over semantics, but I’m going to say there’s a difference between conflict and war. Conflict— the pure clash of previously unrelated ideologies— is necessary for ingenuity. When you find yourself at the crossroads of conflict, you have several questions you can ask. The question, “what is right?” breedsΒ new ideas; the question, “who is right?” leads toΒ war (and the question “why is right?” makes everybody hate philosophers).

4 thoughts on “Just a thought… about war

  1. “Just a thought” is going to be a new series, consisting of the sporadic thoughts I remember to write down throughout the day that don’t have a place in a post. As I keep posting, you’ll be able to find any and all “just a thought” bits by clicking the tag in the “oh the places you’ll go” section of the menu.


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