A last note concerning inequality

Whenever we make people the enemy, we create a conflict that only serves to vilify both sides. People are not the enemy. The system, the culture is the enemy. If people buy in to the system then our task is to try to understand and help them even as we fight to change the culture.

4 thoughts on “A last note concerning inequality

  1. Sounds good, Clark, but I despair when some people are extra-hard to reach or reason with. Makes you want to give up (at least with them) sometimes, doesn’t it, when data/facts don’t convince them and their long-held opinions or anecdotes do? Ah, what does it take to change a heart (and mind)? But I definitely agree with you in that ad hominem plainly does not work, nor does it feel good to levy it (to my mind, anyway). Great thoughts on culture (in the sense of a negative niche culture like rape culture or xenophobic culture) and progress, and an excellent photo choice, by the way. Rock on, fellow Whovian.

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    1. Same to you, we nerds must stick together. You know, the funny thing is that people don’t do things because they think they’re wrong. I suppose the first thing to helping someone change is understanding why they believe they are right. Do not ask me how to go about that haha. Just food for thought.

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