The Boredom of Greatness

“There is a boredom to greatness. You need to be able to do the little things consistently, day-in day-out; and it doesn’t matter how much you love what you’re doing— it get’s boring. But it’s what separates the good from the great.”

-Just a little inspiration from The Old Geezer

10 thoughts on “The Boredom of Greatness

  1. So… Did you come up with this quote? I absolutely love the first sentence. But I looked it up and it didn’t give me anything. (Not that I don’t think you could have come up with it ;)). I collect quotes though, and is like to know who to give credit to.
    Anyway, love your blog and your posts! One of the few I follow which I read every post, and look forward to every post. Keep it up!

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    1. Thank you Emma! I did not come up with this quote. The Old Geezer is an affectionate reference to my father, who is to this day the wisest man I know. Which also means you won’t find it anywhere else I’m afraid.


  2. Indeed he is wise. It’ s too bad the media keeps such truths away from us. Everything is “Quick Fix”/5 easy Steps to… Shortcuts that claim to bypass the tediousness, the boredom and in some cases the pain.
    To rise above the masses is to be willing to do what others will not.

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