A last note concerning love, and… I science, you science, we all science (second installment)

I apologize for the heinously long title, but this post is a double feature. Not only am I giving final thoughts about Valentine’s day, but today I’ll be starting… an experiment!! Mwahahahaha!!!!


You see, one month from today is my birthday. I will be turning 23, and I figure it’s about time I start looking for a serious relationship. Problem is, I have a grand total of 0 prospects in the dating department. And now that I’ve gotten over being terribly depressed about the whole situation, I’ve decided to turn it into a unique opportunity: ladies and gents, I have found a way to meet women and at the very same time satisfy a curiosity I’ve had for quite a while now. That’s right, CLUBBING!!!!

giphy (1)

Yeah… nevermind. Let’s answer a scientific question instead!

Which works better— online dating or Tinder?

This is a question I’ve had since Tinder, the brave little app, came out in all its unashamed and slightly perverted glory. Can you really form a meaningful relationship from such a shallow premise? Or did they just figure out that online dating was way over-complicating things? To make a case for online dating, studies show that people respond well to the emotional disclosure and intimacy that can be had in the non-threatening online environment¹. On the other hand, we (humanity) are honestly a bunch of shallow neanderthals who form lasting impressions based on initial attractiveness². And while studies also show that picture-based selection can’t always be trusted³, apparently nether can information or online conversation⁴. I guess when it comes down to it we’re all just a bunch of cynical, deceptive animals. Isn’t dating fun!?


I really do want an answer to the question, though (and I want to meet women, let’s not forget that), so here’s what I’m going to do— first, a hypothesis: I think that I will have more fun meeting lots of people on Tinder, but that I will find somebody I actually like on an online dating site. And, using the very scientific method of Googling “best online dating site for a 22 year old male” I have chosen OkCupid as my potential matchmaker.

I’ve also set up some rules to keep things fair in love and war. Just so you know I’m not being a dirtbag or anything.

1. I am evaluating the services, NOT the women I meet. If I have a bad time or something doesn’t work out, it will not reflect on the person, but rather the service’s inability to match me up with the right woman.

2. I will be completely forthcoming about the experiment. I’m not going to lead anybody on. I will tell anyone I meet that this is just to see which service is better so that I can tell all my loving and non-judgmental fans.

3. I will not post anything without consent. The idea is to keep track of this whole thing with y’all, but only if (and what) any woman I meet gives me permission to say about the experience. And I won’t be using any real names.

4. No hookups. This has nothing to do with sex. I’m purely looking for an intellectually and emotionally compatible relationship, and if I don’t find that with whoever I’m matched with, we will part ways (no matter how attractive she might be).

The timeline I’m giving this experiment is the month before my birthday. If neither OkCupid or Tinder comes through for me by the time I turn 23, well I guess that’s some kind of answer and maybe I’ll have to repeat the experiment in the future using different services. I suppose we’ll find out. Anyways, this will probably mean more frequent posts to keep you up to date, so feel free to follow along and comment on whatever the heck you want! Yeah science!!!!

If you know the reference, you have my respect
If you know the reference, you have my respect

Some sources for ya, cuz I didn’t pull all this out my a**

1. Rosen, L. D., Cheever, N. A., Cummings, C., & Felt, J. (2008). The impact of emotionality and self-disclosure on online dating versus traditional dating.Computers in Human Behavior, 24(5), 2124-2157.

2. Berscheid, E., Dion, K., Walster, E., & Walster, G. W. (1971). Physical attractiveness and dating choice: A test of the matching hypothesis. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 7(2), 173-189.

3. Hancock, J. T., & Toma, C. L. (2009). Putting your best face forward: The accuracy of online dating photographs. Journal of Communication, 59(2), 367-386.

4. Hall, J. A., Park, N., Song, H., & Cody, M. J. (2010). Strategic misrepresentation in online dating: The effects of gender, self-monitoring, and personality traits.Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 27(1), 117-135.

18 thoughts on “A last note concerning love, and… I science, you science, we all science (second installment)

  1. I can’t help you. I married the first single guy I ever met. He was at my house the day I was born. His mom was our next door neighbor. She helped my mom out when I was born. Really. He is two years older. This is true. Neither of us ever dated anyone else. He said the first time he saw me he couldn’t wait to get in my diaper!

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  2. As I near my own 23rd birthday (a little less than 2 months away), I decided I needed to do something more proactive about my lack of dates and so I also recently joined OkCupid (Tinder scares me too much). Cheers to us both as we try to find a meaningful romantic relationship while nearing 23!

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  3. That’s a cool experience. I hope you find your match . I always wondered how people can fell in love by matchmaker to me still feels like taboo I know weird. Anyways Good luck (y)

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  4. OK so this post no offense is so funny to me ! You r 23 relax it’s gonna be ok I think we “lds” people ” put way to much stress on out selves in finding the one ! It is good to put oursleeves out there but God is over all and his time is everything. I too have started the online dating and have found it so so hard it’s like we put our personal resumes out there for the world to read and hopefully a handful of people will like it maybe even give us a smile or thumbs up what happened to good old let’s meet go for a walk talk for heaven sakes let’s go out to dinner it’s like we don’t care about any of that anymore about falling in love we just want people to meet our criteria what we think we want out of a spouse when in reality it’s a day in day out falling in love everyday and making the choice to stay in love everyday has nothing to do with my resume or your resume or her resume having the same interests and Falling in Love is Easy staying in love and committed is the hard part and you can’t find that out online!! That being said I hope and wish you all the luck in the world of finding mrs. Right I’m too out there searching even though I think it’s odd and hard being alone is worse!

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