He Had a Dream

martin-luther-king-jr-quote-sofreshandsogreendotcom-510x529Holiday specials are half the reason I spend way too much time watching TVย shows. But as much as I love predictable Christmas mishaps and failed Halloween pranks, I kinda (by which I mean REALLY REALLY) wish a bigger deal would be made of days like today. Imagine how much good could be done if somebody other than BETย actually gave a crap (no offense to BET, you keep doing what you do). It’s not often we have the chance to celebrate a man who changed the course of this nation’s history, a man who had a dream and dared to make that dream known and literally put his whole life behind that dream. As I look around me, though, and take a quick temperature of society’s attitude toward this commemorative day, I wonder if he made a difference at all. Now, is that a grossly melodramatic exaggeration to make a point and bait the reader? Sure. But in all seriousness, none of his life’s work matters unless we– here, today, decades later– do something about it.ย He worked to free an entire people, signing his own life’s work with his blood; yet, he was just one man whose death is a relic of history. Of course his words and ideals live on but unless we (you, me, us) catch them and internalize them and use them to be greater and do greater things, thoseย words and ideals mean nothing. And honestly, this worldย  would get so much better so much faster if we spent less time looking toward one man and more time lookingย at ourselves and each other.


While I applaud the man for stepping up as an example, I fear that theย leader of a complacent people is no more than a figurehead. And I guess that’s just the simple gist of it all— don’t be complacent. Take the day to honor the man, then take the rest of your lifeย to honor his legacy. When he said that he had a dream, I don’t believe he meant it to stay a dream. Only when we see his dream become realityย will we truly be paying our respects to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


8 thoughts on “He Had a Dream

  1. Hey there – thanks for following my blog! Glad you liked my MLK post. Love this post and am glad that there are so many white folks blogging about “stuff that matters.” But, as you say, unless we are actually living out the change in our lives, the rest is just words. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. I have to say I agree with what you said. I don’t think we spend enough time making the holidays that are important be known. We spend more time on the ones that people believe will get people to go out and shop rather than the ones that count and changed the world in a big way. I mean i like Christmas and he other holidays but I think Martin Luther King day should be celebrated just like we do any other holidays. So yes you are absolutely right.

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  3. Great man, but his dream (has bad has i sound) is still just a dream. In my opinion, i think honestly in disappearing and in my view is the foundation of this Man’s dream, besides that i agree with what you said ๐Ÿ™‚ great post and good to see that are still people that remenber this great Man.
    Regards BgPereira

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  4. Thanks so much for follow, it took someone like you with character to even take the time to read it and understand. Our sexuality has caused us and our children to live in Parks, Shelters, under freeways, highways and abandon cars. But I can’t fight discrimination, civil rights alone. My landlord threw out in the streets. Wrongfully evicted due to my color, disabilities and sexuality. How unjust can one man be

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