This is my face

So far I’ve been existing somewhat anonymously on the internets, hesitant to post any pictures of myself. As you can see I’m no longer living by this philosophy.Β At any rate I figured if I was going to do this I was going to do this right. So here you go.


James_Fullsize-2411 James_Fullsize-2475 James_Fullsize-2438 James_Fullsize-2532 James_Fullsize-2560 James_Fullsize-2384 James_Fullsize-2400 James_Fullsize-2513 James_Fullsize-2487 James_Fullsize-2552 James_Fullsize-2582 James_Fullsize-2630

32 thoughts on “This is my face

  1. Hmmm….not sure what to say actually. I do like your beginning, it states alot about who you are. I think the photography was quite amazing. They did an excellent job of capturing your face. It’s quite lovely to see your face, you’re right you do look great in a suit. Looking forward to reading more from you. Happy Holidays, Sir Scrooge.

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  2. Oh, thanks for the follow! I am also glad to see your blog, as well. I’m sure I’ll find lots of interesting posts here. Happy New Year and happy blogging! πŸ™‚


  3. Ah at last, a boy in a suit who can write and enjoys superheroes. Where have you been all my life ?
    I look forward to your future posts sir.

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    1. This is where I reply with an equally-as-charming line about waiting for you, right? Except, I don’t know who “you” is. And while I’ll continue to enjoy your hauntingly beautiful writing style, I’ll ever wonder if the poetry and prose are an accurate reflection. I suppose it will remain a great perhaps. You beautiful disaster, you.

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      1. No sir.
        I do not expect a charming line in return, when in fact no one is waiting for a beautiful disaster like me.
        I simply give the charming line, as you called it.
        I do not recive them.
        I will however thank you for the hauntingly beautiful comment.


      2. I will leave you with one last charming line tonight because (a) i can’t help it (b) it is very true (c) because i can.
        My notifacations has never looked better due to you, the boy in the suit.

        Now i will do you a favor and stop spamming your comments.

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