Just a few of the greatest things you’ll ever see, that’s all

I think this will be a new thing:Β various compilations of pure awesomeness. Today’s topic is music videos. There’s really no adequate preface to this first one. You just have to watch— nay, experience this.

Remember that old childhood fantasy where Natalie Portman stars in a Bollywood music video? Yeah me neither. And yet we’ve all beenΒ graced with this little gem.

“Hey Dave”
“Yeah, Clark?”
“What do you think of when you think of comedy?”
“Dark and brooding British folk alternative!”
“You have serious issues,Β Dave.”

The only thing that makes the next video better is its own back story. This impressive single-shot piece was RDJs first on-camera appearance after rehab. The king, my friends, has returned.

And last but oh, so not least, this.

Which is your favorite? Want to add one to the list?Β Leave a comment!

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