Rest in Peace, Robin

o captainO captain, my captain,

what dreamsyour life was just a heartbeat.

bicentennialThere must have been a reason you were as you werenot your fault

It’s not your faultwizardYou were crazyman of the yearYou were the jester and the kingfenderWith your fusion of jazz and funk and who knows what else.jumanjiWe’llΒ keep our chins up,good-morning-vietmnam-robin-williamsBecause even though this happenedmorkYou’ll always be in our hearts.doubtfireI hope you feel all our love to you, poppet.patch-adamsI hope you find your way homeflubberWe’llΒ miss you on a subatomic level.genie you're freeGenie, you’re free.hookAnd it’ll be an awfully big adventure.

3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Robin

      1. oh thank you!!! that book has the broadness of my young heart in it, written with a muted passion that those with a sharp ear can hear clearly… i hope you enjoy it, my new friend, and as Diana Gabaldon once said to me at a book signing where i met her… KEEP WRITING! i’m not as young anymore, and it took me a long time to work up the courage to publish the book, but it seems to bless those who read it, and i pray it blesses you πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!

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