The only top 10 you’ll need for about a hundred years

Well, folks, we’re in middle of the month and just over 14 years into the new century (and millennium, for that matter). Sounds to me like perfect timing for the


History will always define an era by its accomplishments. I really don’t want to be known as the “did absolutely nothing except screw everything up for the future” age. If we’re to avoid such historical name-calling, there’s a few things we’ll need to do…



1.Stop discriminating people for being people

See, now, you’ll read this and be like, “yeah! we should do that thing!” But we (*cough cough* white people) have been seriously screwing this up since, like, the 1700s. And I get that people are always gonna get ticked off at the stuff other people do. But if somebody wants to be somebody (applying this on a Kantian level) just let ’em be that somebody, for Pete Parker’s sake.

2. Revolutionize something

Not someONE, someTHING. I’m not talking about rebellion against the motherland here. I just think the 60s would be disappointed in us. They revolutionized music, technology (I mean REALLY revolutionized, not just made their tablets thinner. They put a freaking man on the moon), and just living in general. They defined the last century. Let’s go figure out what we’re gonna do to define this one.

r-i-p-neil-armstrong-legend_o_6626073. Find and explore a new frontier

In the realm of things we haven’t done in way too long, this century I want mankind to go find somewhere we’ve never been and explore the heck out of it. Maybe, like, an alternate dimension or a wormhole (or really just anything in the ballpark of Stargate, Star Trek or Doctor Who) but probably just deeper into the ocean (Atlantis?) and solar system. Either way, let’s go for it.

The past 50 years has just been trying to slowly catch up to Gene Roddenberry's vision
The past 50 years has just been trying to slowly catch up to Gene Roddenberry’s vision

4. Globalize culture

Globalized economy is one of those “seems like a good idea but will probably escalate to disaster.” So I’m not even going to touch it. But the fact of modern life is that the world is getting smaller (not literally, I hope) and for the first time EVER the norm seems to be that anyone can travel anywhere at their convenience. This means that cultures are colliding everywhere all the time. It’s wonderful, isn’t it!? If you’re really worried about it, then go back to the top of the page and read #1 again. Now, let’s spend these next 86 years doing our best to understand, accept, and learn from each other all over the world.

5. Re-define success, value, and self-worth

I understand that this one is somewhat intangible, that there will never be a point when we can say, “yup, check. Value: re-defined.” But it still needs to happen. I mean, look at what we’re paying people for these days! As much as I love sports— I promise, I really do— when we’re indulging people to complain about how many MILLIONS of dollars they’re paid to be fancy with a ball, something is off. This century, I really hope we can re-evaluate what it means to be successful, and then reward successful people accordingly.

6. Create a holiday!

I think August is pretty wide open (as far as America goes, dunno ’bout anywhere else). At any rate it’s about time we had something new to celebrate on a global scale. Either that or we could just make May 4th “Worldwide Star Wars Day” (if you don’t know why May 4th, go ask the nerdiest friend you know right this second).

Knowing our generation, this may not be a bad idea
7. Start taking Marx seriously

Not about the Communist stuff. That sort of didn’t work out well for Russia. But about the whole oppressed majority rising up against the elite minority, yeah. That’s pretty much on the horizon. I don’t want things to go down like that, myself, but if we don’t start realizing the direction this country’s headed we will have no shot at changing it.

8. Get behind science

I mean SERIOUSLY. When we’re still having national debates about whether facts are really facts, we need a national slap to the facts! We could move forward with so many things so much faster if we would all just accept that SCIENCE WORKS, and when something IS SUPPORTED BY ALL THE EVIDENCE, it is TRUE.

I am a scientist. I study science.
I am a scientist. I study science.

9. While we’re on the subject…

I really want to see science move forward on the following items:

  • Movie watching. I’m tired of keeping track of DVDs, so let’s get rid of those. And no more cheep 3D experiences, I want some real virtual interaction. I’m talking Star Trek holodeck stuff.

    Does it come with her too? I'll take five
    Does it come with her too? I’ll take five
  • Tony Stark/Minority Report/Avatar computers. I know we’re moving that direction anyways, but I really really really want to see it before I die!
  • Toilets. What in the world are we doing still using these archaic devices!? You’d think somebody would come up with something more sanitary and efficient. There are people in the world who don’t even have clean water and we are literally throwing it down the toilet.
  • Cars. (while on the subject of things to get rid of) Instead of finding ways to make them more comfortable, why don’t we just invent better ways to get places? Beam me up, Scotty! (ok, Clark, you’ve reached your Star Trek reference allotment for the day)

10. Pursue Happiness

Go, and do, and be, and become. And have a great century!


3 thoughts on “The only top 10 you’ll need for about a hundred years

    1. I would say no for two reasons. First, we lost the probe, so it’s not like we actually found anything anyways. Second, unless we were looking for something specifically– some new mind-blowing phenomenon– it’s sort of a “been there done that” kinda deal. We’ve been launching probes to study extraterrestrial rocks for decades now. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I support the continuation of our space program (because, you know, science) I’m just saying it’s not anything revolutionary. Yet.

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