By Way of Introduction

Have you ever climbed a tree? Of course you have; you were a kid once, weren’t you? If not and if not, I invite you to try both. Right now. Otherwise you have no business here. If you are in a tree currently, congratulations. You, my brand new friend, have won today (caution: this publication is not liable for any accidents related to trees and/or the viewing of electronic devices). Now if you are not currently adorning the limbs of a thing destined to outlive your grandchildren, for my sake pretend that you are;Β now, take a look around. You see that? (What’s that, you ask?)Β That isΒ what this is. This blog, I mean: a thoughtful kind of place just above the daily shuffle where all that is grand and pretentious can leave (or leaf, take your pick) because right now you just want to see the simplicity of life through those thousand little windows of light and perspective. And don’t ask me what a perspective window is; that’s for you figure out. After all, you’re the one sitting in a tree.


11 thoughts on “By Way of Introduction

  1. Thank you for stopping by and choosing to follow my blog. May you know The Lord Jesus Christ more each day as you grow closer to Him and more like Him. May you be blessed with my blog.

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  2. Well thanks for the follow and already I want to make a small correction. THHGTTG is first a foremost a radio series. It was written for radio and is best there. The late great Peter Jones as th Book is the ultimate. Just saying and liking the blog..

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